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When a car is involved with a truck in a crash, there is only one result that is certain: The car is lost. If you do not choose one of our experienced attorneys as your truck accident lawyer, you may end up losing twice. Hiring specialized truck crash lawyers can mean the difference between receiving tens of thousands or millions of dollars. Simply put, you could make a big mistake hiring just any attorney instead of an experienced truck crash attorney.

You do not need to hire an Alabama law firm if your accident happens in Alabama. You have to retain a firm that specializes in trucking accidents.

Oftentimes, firms in other states, like ours, are retained due to their experience and expertise. Many times, although an injured car occupant might be living in Alabama, the company that hauls the truck is from another state.

Finally, and probably most important, they treat you as if you were a family member, not just a customer. We understand very well what serious, disabling, permanent injuries, or worse, the passing of a loved one, mean to you. We find some law firms across the country lose the path, often forgetting they are representing an individual and not just a document.

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We promise to you that you can always call our helpline, ask anything you would like, and receive a complete explanation. Please do not get this wrong; we love making money just like any other person, but we know if we work hard and we do good work, with always a compassionate approach towards our clients, then money will follow.

As the shock sets in after the truck crash, questions come up. These questions revolve around your physical state and your ability to heal. Mostly, you are just wondering what happened.

That is where we step in to help. If you were injured in a wreck that happened in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Auburn, or any area of Alabama, contact us at our toll-free number, 866-240-2414. The telephone is answered by an attorney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Truck drivers work long hours, often under great pressure from employers to get their jobs done, no matter what it takes. This leads to shortcuts, which may be tantamount to negligence. Drivers are required to follow rules regarding the time they are on the road, how many breaks are allowed, and how much load they are carrying. Under the law, the trucking company can and must, be held responsible for its drivers’ negligent actions.

We utilize the expertise and in-depth legal knowledge, combined with extensive resources, to construct your tractor-trailer accident injury claims from the facts. Expertise comes from our network of trucking industry experts and accident reconstruction professionals. From there, we pursue the best possible resolution, whether it is a settlement, mediation, or trial.

Before entering a truck’s cockpit, the long-haul driver should conduct a pre-trip inspection, so when a trucker turns the ignition key, they are doing so under the impression everything is safe. The pre-trip inspection is meant to catch problems before a truck gets on the road. Periodic brake checks, including the adjustment of the calipers, hydraulic, pneumatic, and air brakes, proper rest and recreation times as required by Federal Law, and the load of the trailer is correctly secured, loaded, and operated.

If these are lacking, each and every vehicle that passes is in danger of collision. Each driver may be injured or killed. These requirements apply to all drivers on Interstates and failing to do any of them usually results in negligence, which is a common reason why a truck crash results in severe injury or death.

Shuttle buses and casino buses on their way to casinos in Biloxi or Mississippi, such as the Beau Rivage, Hollywood, Isle of Capri, Silver Star, Gold Strike, Harrahs, Horseshoe, Sheraton, and Fitzgerald. Other buses include vacation buses, tour buses, Greyhound buses, and other charter buses.

The differences in cash settlement sizes for commercial truck cases are potentially far greater than in motor vehicle accidents overall due to two reasons: The damage done by the vehicle and the size of the insurance policies involved. You know your individual car insurance policy is sometimes only up to Alabama’s minimum mandatory cap of $25,000. When a commercial vehicle is involved, like corporate vans, corporate pickup trucks, tow trucks, etc., insurance policies are often far larger, and when the driver is negligent, you may well receive fair and full compensation. The difficulty of the truck driver’s job is not a free pass for taking shortcuts.

They are supposed to be skilled drivers, and federal laws are there for a reason. Tractor-trailer operators need to realize that not obeying or breaking these laws could result in a major crash, causing injuries or even death. Rest breaks should be taken, and temptations to use alcohol and drugs should be avoided. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, which increases the need for strong representation.

Contact us if you were injured in a trucking accident while driving along I-10, I-85, I-65, Highway 80, Highway 231, I-59, I-20, I-459, Highway 78, Highway 82, or Highway 72. Our network of lawyers represents Alabama residents on a contingency basis, meaning there are no upfront, out-of-pocket costs for you.

We combine our expertise with that of the professionals in the field to build your case from the facts. From there, we focus on a best-case resolution to maximize your compensation. Sometimes, we will require assistance from an Alabama-based law firm to handle various functions. In light of that, we have already established a relationship with a competent Alabama-based attorney whom we have already reviewed, who we may rely upon at a moment’s notice, at no extra cost to you.

Please contact us for more information or to set up a meeting with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney after a crash involving an 18-wheeler.

Our Alabama personal injury attorneys represent a wide range of personal injury and accident claims including but not limited to:

Personal Injury Law
Medical Malpractice
Wrongful Death
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Construction Site Accidents
Bus Accidents
Cruise Ship Injuries
Bicycle Accidents
Dog Bites and Dog Attacks
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Premises Liability Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Spinal Cord Injuries
Dog Bites
Truck Accidents
Defective Products
Dangerous Drugs
Brain Injuries
Burn Injuries
Bus Accidents
Boating Accidents
Escalator Accidents
Elevator Accidents
Wrongful Death
Swimming Pool Drownings
Liquor Liability and Dram Shop
Food Poisoning
Chemical Exposure Injuries
Nursing Home Negligence

If you or someone you love has been injured, contact our toll-free helpline twenty-four hours a day by calling (888) 491-0444 or completing the free case evaluation form on this website.

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Trucking Companies Frequently Operating on Alabama Highways

AAA Cooper Transportation
Accelerated Freight Group, INC.
Action Resources, INC.
Alabama Food Service, INC.
Alabama Motor Express, INC.
AWC Carriers, INC.
B & G Supply Co., INC.
B.R. Williams Trucking, INC.
Baggett Transportation Company
Baldwin Transfer Company,Inc.
Barnett Transportation, INC.
Bay Lines, INC.
Billy Barnes Enterprises, INC.
Boyd Bros. Transportation, INC.
Brittain Trucking, INC.
Buddy Moore Trucking, INC.
Charles G. Lawson Trucking, INC
Charlie Baucom, INC.
Chordus, INC.
Circle City Transport, INC.
Covan World Wide Moving, INC
Dixie Midwest Express, INC.
Dolphin Line, INC.
Evergreen Forest Products, INC.
Evergreen Transportation, INC
Fleetwood Trucking Co., INC.
Floyd & Beasley Transfer Co., INC.
Francis Powell
Enterprises, INC.
Garrison Hauling Co., INC.
Glasgow Trucking, INC.
Great Southern Wood Preserving
Hornady Transportation, LLC
James R. Smith Poultry & Produce
L & A Trucking Co., INC.
M & M Trucking Company, INC.
Magnatran Corporation
Massey Hauling Co., INC.
Mcclendon Trucking Co., INC.
Mcelroy Truck Lines, INC.
Mcgriff Transportation, INC.
MSJ Trucking, INC.
Nuss Lumber Co., INC.
Osborn Transportation, INC.
Parrett Trucking, INC.
Peppers Transport, INC.
Perdido Trucking Service, LLC
R.E. Garrsion Trucking, INC.
Rhett Butler Trucking, INC.
Robbie D. Wood, INC.
Ross Neely Systems, INC.
Rowe Machinery, INC.
Royster Enterprises, INC.
Single Source Logistics, INC.
Southern Cal Transport
Storey Trucking Co., INC.
Sunshine Trucking, INC.
Suttles Truck Leasing, INC.
Taylor-Made Transportation, INC.
Towns Transportation, INC.
USA Motor Express, INC.
Vernon Milling Co., INC.
Watkins Trucking Company, INC.
Westpoint Stevens, INC.
Whatley Contract Carriers, INC.
Wiley Sanders Truck Lines, INC.
Wise Trucking, INC.
WTI Transport, INC.


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