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There are a few common causes leading to accidents caused by an Amazon delivery truck or van driver. As in any car or truck accident, Amazon delivery driver accidents may include various injuries and factors. If you were in a crash involving an Amazon delivery truck or cargo van, your injuries and damages could be even more catastrophic.

An accident with an Amazon delivery truck could occur for many different reasons. If you are seriously injured in a truck delivery accident, dealing with a giant company such as Amazon can be intimidating. Drivers involved in a collision with Amazon’s delivery trucks may need clarification on what Amazon’s role is in a lawsuit.

In most cases, it is impossible to sue Amazon directly following an accident with the delivery truck. Even if you cannot sue Amazon, you may have a valid claim against the driver who caused your crash. The particulars of the impact itself might make it necessary for you to pursue a case against the contractor’s driver rather than against Amazon. The circumstances surrounding your accident will dictate whether or not you will have a valid lawsuit against Amazon directly.

Suppose you were injured recently due to a crash involving an Amazon delivery van or truck. In that case, you might wonder if you could file a lawsuit against Amazon directly for your injuries. Even if you cannot sue Amazon now after an accident involving a delivery truck, you might have the right to collect damages under its insurance policies. Even if the driver is not covered under Amazon’s liability insurance, you may pursue your claims through the driver’s liability insurance policy.

Offers mean liability coverage will not cover injuries or damages if an incident occurs after a driver has left work. Amazon provides supplemental liability insurance to Amazon drivers for drivers when making deliveries. These flexible drivers must maintain personal car insurance policies on their vehicles to be eligible for the Amazon Commercial Auto insurance policy. While Amazon requires that these contractors have automobile liability insurance, the limits of a driver’s policy are typically small, and they might not fully compensate an injury victim.

Amazon requires all Amazon contractors to carry liability insurance, known as Amazon Flex insurance, that covers up to $1 million in injuries and damages suffered by third parties. Because Amazon does not directly employ Amazon drivers, Amazon can avoid now being held responsible if drivers are involved in an automobile accident. If an accident occurs outside regular business hours or a driver is out of Amazon’s control, the company can decline to take responsibility for an accident.

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These details are essential in filing a lawsuit against Amazon or the independent contractor due to the car crash. Identify any witnesses present during the impact and document any damages to the vehicle. The license plate number for the Amazon truck obtains the names and contact information of any individuals that might witness the crash.

While driver error or negligence is typically to blame in a vehicle accident involving Amazon trucks, other factors can lead to accidents. While Amazon is undoubtedly an easy way to do your shopping, a large number of Amazon trucks on the road means Amazon delivery drivers are at fault in automobile accidents nearly daily. Because Amazon relies on independent delivery companies, which are hired through Amazon’s delivery partner services, finding data about the car crashes caused by Amazon delivery drivers is almost impossible.

Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck drivers who deliver goods for Amazon are typically independent contractors hired through Amazon Delivery Partner Services, a unit within Amazon Logistics. While Amazon does not hire delivery drivers directly, Amazon sets delivery quotas, creates delivery routes, and directs drivers’ behaviors through its apps and cameras mounted on the sides of some delivery vans. Amazon’sAmazon’s business model relies heavily on logistics at the last mile–the final stage of a delivery–which it contracts out through its Partner Delivery Services program and independent contractors such as Amazon Flex drivers. To increase speed and efficiency in Amazon deliveries, Amazon uses a web of options, including Amazon-branded trucks, independent courier companies, and legacy shippers such as FedEx, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Amazon carefully monitors each of its delivery driver’s movements, according to the suit, including monitoring backup, speed, brakes, acceleration, corners, use of seatbelts, telephone calls, text messages, cameras inside vans that use AI to detect yawning, and more. With that level of scrutiny for tracking the independent contractors who deliver packages for Amazon, it does not appear Amazon’s lawyer’s claim could be valid. Amazon declined to answer questions about what demands Amazon makes of drivers, about anonymity for delivery vehicles, or any requirements for those contractors to provide liability protections against Amazon.

As noted in this Bloomberg report, Amazon said it could not be held responsible because delivery drivers are technically not employees of Amazon. However, according to Bloomberg, Amazon insists that Amazon is not legally liable since the driver who crashed was working at Amazon Logistics.

The new study refers to a class-action suit filed by a Wyoming-based Amazon fulfillment partner, alleging the company expected drivers to deliver approximately 350-400 packages daily for each van. Ans Rana’s lawsuit, filed 24 years ago, claims that these practices made Amazon liable for life-altering vehicle accidents, as it forced drivers to speed to a point where they were not safe and focused on speed and delivery efficiency, not giving proper thought to the safety of the general public. In discussions earlier reported by Bloomberg, several of Amazon’s contractors echoed the points raised in the lawsuit, saying that they were subjected to an automated system that prioritized delivery efficiency over safety and punished drivers–sometimes even chastising them for driving offenses that they did not commit.

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The Law May Limit the Time You Have to File a Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from an Amazon delivery truck accident must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the injured person or their family’s legal claims are barred, and their right to bring suit is lost for all time.

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