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Injured in an ATV Accident?

You may be entitled to significant compensation.

An All-Terrain Vehicle or “ATV” is commonly defined as an off-road, three- or four-wheeled vehicle that is used both for recreational and work-related purposes. ATVs are commonly enjoyed in outdoor settings and many enthusiasts ride these vehicles as a means of getting away from it all and escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, while ATVs are used both for fun and for function, it is important to note that these machines can also be very dangerous. Part of this danger is attributed to the fact that manufacturers want to “push the limits” on possible safety regulations and increase the weight, size, and speed of ATVs. It is these changes that are allegedly causing an increase in the amount of ATV rollover accidents that are happening every year.

The lawyers in our nationwide network know that ATV Accidents usually occur when the vehicle rolls over or hits another object and believes the government should be held accountable for instituting proper safety regulations and restrictions as the majority of ATV accidents happen to young adults or children.

ATV death and injury are preventable and the attorneys in our network believe that if greater accountability was promoted throughout the industry and on behalf of the Federal government for ATV safety, fewer people would be hurt and killed every year by way of this product.

Manufacturers see great profit from these vehicles and hence, continue to make them weigh more and run faster, increasing their center of gravity and their risk for rollover. Currently, 75% of victims from ATV accidents suffer a head or spinal cord injury which can result in a lifelong physical problem or life-threatening ailment.

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Lawyers For ATV Accidents

It is important to understand that because many ATV accidents can be prevented and because the industry is so unregulated, victims of ATV accidents may not be held at fault for their injuries. Our attorneys are eager to make the manufacturers of this industry accountable if they produce a dangerous or defective product. Call (888) 491-0444 to speak with an attorney about your case for free.

It is important to note that the details of ATV accidents can vary widely from case to case. It is difficult to determine what a victim could be compensated for without going through a full and thorough legal consultation with a licensed and knowledgeable ATV accident attorney. Therefore, in order to properly determine liability and the viability of a potential case, it is important for any victim who has been injured in an ATV accident to call (888) 491-0444 or complete the free case evaluation form on this website.

ATV Injury Lawyers

You may be entitled to compensation if you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one to an All Terrain Vehicle accident. Our network of experienced ATV injury lawyers can help you protect your legal rights and fight to help you get compensated for your injuries.

You will be able to get answers to your questions about ATV accidents, including:

  • What types of vehicle defects contribute to ATV accidents?
  • I was in an ATV accident and got seriously injured. Can I sue?
  • Do I have a case?
  • Will I receive compensation for my injury?

What are ATV accidents?

An ATV accident occurs when a person dies, is seriously injured, or has property damaged in an incident with an all-terrain vehicle. ATVs are manufactured within certain size specifications and used for off-road use. They do not exceed 70 inches in width and 1,000 pounds in weight and are now required to have no less than four wheels. In addition, they typically have low-pressure tires for increased traction under challenging conditions.

How do ATV accidents occur?

Any of the following are likely to lead to an ATV accident:
• An improperly seated driver
• More than one person riding an ATV designed for only one person
•  A driver failing to wear the proper safety gear, including a helmet and face protection
• A child operating a vehicle that is too large
• Speeding
• Being unaware of hazardous conditions
• Careless, reckless, or negligent driving
• Consumption of alcohol or drugs by the driver
• Operating an ATV on a highway
• Failure to follow the safety recommendations of the ATV manufacturer
• Operating a three-wheeled ATV
• Driving on a defective ATV

What to do if you are involved in an ATV accident?

Immediately following an ATV accident, the driver must submit identification to anyone who claims to have suffered injury or property damage. The information submitted must include the name and address of both the driver and the owner of the ATV. Additionally, proof of insurance and the license number of the ATV. Reporting the accident to the police is critical. 

The next step is to file a report of the accident with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You must file this report within ten days of the accident.

Finally, contacting a qualified attorney who can advise you on your rights regarding an ATV accident is essential.

You can speak to one of our experienced ATV accident attorneys by calling (888) 491-0444

The Law May Limit The Time You Have To File A Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from an accident or an injury must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the injured persons legal claims are barred, and their right to bring suit is lost for all time.

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