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Was Your Childs Birth Injury Caused By Negligence?

You may be entitled to significant compensation.

Get Paid More is a nationwide network of highly experienced childbirth injury lawyers with multiple records-setting verdicts and settlements across the U.S. Giving birth to your baby is an awe-inspiring, wonderful thing. However, when things go awry, it can throw the family into turmoil and bring untold suffering. When an avoidable error causes injury to your infant, the future you have imagined for your baby could be gone in a moment. You may even find yourself rapidly overwhelmed by bills and childcare duties.    

Our birth injury trial attorneys have dedicated their time to helping parents of injured babies fight for their rights. We offer hope and potential financial compensation for families harmed by medical professionals’ mistakes. In addition, our birth injury lawyers understand what families go through after their child is injured. Below are answers to common questions parents have asked us about filing lawsuits and how we can help.

Experienced Birth Injury Trial Attorneys

No parent goes into labor and delivery expecting things to go perfectly. We realize complications may arise, but we trust our OB-GYN, hospital, and healthcare team to know how to manage each scenario to ensure that mom and baby are in good hands. Unfortunately, when an avoidable medical error occurs through neglect, families’ lives can be destroyed.    

Labor and delivery staff are obligated to maintain a high standard of care. Without these professional standards, life-altering consequences may occur for mothers and babies alike. Hiring a birth injury attorney to pursue a lawsuit cannot erase the damage done, but it may help to cover the costs of treatments that would enable your child to enjoy the best possible quality of life.   

The statute of limitations to file a birth injury lawsuit differs in each state. However, one thing consistent across states is that you cannot receive any compensation if you file your lawsuit past that deadline.   

That is why you must contact us to determine the laws in your state. Get Paid More is a national network of lawyers who can represent you regardless of where in the United States you are. To learn more about statutes of limitations and other laws in your state, contact our attorneys at (888) 491-0444.

When your child has birth injuries, you are already busy providing extra care for your baby. A birth injury attorney can handle everything on your behalf, with the insurance companies, doctors, and defense attorneys, so that you can focus your attention on your family.   

People often learn afterward that they should have received far more money than they did.  

Take the reins of the communications for you. Your attorney can answer insurance company claims and handle the claims process for you. For example, file your birth injury claim. Your attorney can also assist in filing the suit and ensuring you meet any deadlines applicable to your family’s case. 

Discuss your birth injury case with an experienced trial lawyer today.

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Build an Evidence-Based Case: Your lawyer may obtain expert testimony, health records, and other documents to demonstrate guilt. Then, fight to get you a fair settlement. Your birth trauma lawyer may also be able to negotiate compensation to cover your family’s losses and the costs of lifelong care.   

These cases almost always involve a medical malpractice insurance company, and most people are unwilling to go up against one of these massive corporations alone. Our lawyers will take care of that process so you can focus on your baby’s needs.

There are four elements that a birth injury attorney must demonstrate for the court to find anyone responsible for the birth injury. First, you can sue anyone who has a statutory duty of care toward you and your baby. Someone providing health services within the health care system has a duty of care to provide a quality of service that meets a standard of care.

If the medical provider does not deliver service that is consistent with the standard of care, the medical provider is negligent. The standard of care depends on the circumstances of the case and other factors. Your lawyer can help you develop a case demonstrating the defendant did not meet the standard of care given the circumstances of your case. Causation means the doctor’s error caused or contributed to the injury that your patient suffered.

For example, if the physician failed to monitor the baby while it was being born, it suffered brain damage from oxygen deprivation due to inadequate monitoring. The doctor’s negligent monitoring caused the baby’s injuries. A specific example is cerebral palsy, a condition severe enough to provide grounds for medical negligence claims. In addition, a physician might not have diagnosed a mother’s medical problems, might have injured a child while giving birth, or might have inadequately treated or treated the child’s jaundice.

To find out what happened, who is responsible, and what compensation you can receive, you should contact a cerebral palsy attorney to assist you in your case. Next, you must determine damages to pursue a lawsuit against your birth trauma. Injuries can include financial losses, including the lifetime costs of medical treatment, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. The expense of modifications to your home and car to accommodate a disability, adaptive technology, and special education and training also may be included as part of your damages. 

In some cases, multiple parties may share some level of responsibility. Our birth injury lawyers will determine all the potential parties liable in your case. When you retain the services of a birth injury lawyer, one of our first tasks is to examine your evidence and assess what you may recover through a lawsuit. Birth injury settlements can vary greatly depending on each case’s unique circumstances and laws. 

Online settlement estimate calculators are not definitive. Only an attorney can accurately evaluate your damages after reviewing your evidence.  

There are a few reasons why our clients have chosen our birth trauma lawyers to assist them at one of the most challenging times. First, the laws surrounding a birth injury case differ by state, so your lawyer must know the law in your state. And, of course, the lawyer must have been licensed to practice in your state.

We can connect you with an attorney qualified to take on your case in the state where your baby’s injury occurred. Ask the lawyer about similar cases they have handled in the past.

The lawyer likely cannot reveal details of a case, such as names of parties involved, because settlement documents typically include confidentiality clauses keeping the details a secret. But lawyers generally can talk about the verdicts won, and the settlements reached broadly.

Our job is to provide answers to families affected by birth injuries. At Get Paid More, you will discover what it takes to help your baby or loved one cope with damages caused by birth, malpractice, or medical errors and seek the care, compensation, and life every baby deserves. Our experts are here to assist you and your family with all of your birth injury health care and legal questions and concerns. In addition, we will educate you on your rights and answer any questions you have, ensuring that you are comfortable with the process before moving forward.   

Each state has a deadline for injured parties to file a medical malpractice suit. If you miss your deadline, you cannot collect the damages your family needs and deserves. Therefore, if your child was injured and you are considering filing a lawsuit, do not wait.  

Contact one of our birth injury lawyers ASAP. We are a national network of lawyers that handles birth injury cases. Call (888) 491-0444 today to contact a birth injury attorney.



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The Law May Limit The Time You Have To File A Birth Injury Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from a birth injury must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the injured person’s legal claims are barred, and their right to bring a birth injury lawsuit is lost for all time.

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