Featured Project: Business Card with a Microsoft Tag (Not a QR Code, you ask?)


Design and print new business cards for a local video production company.


Create a business card that is better branded, has a stronger impact, and communicates better with prospects and clients.


Our client was running out of cards and decided now was the time to improve upon their original design. Same logo, just a new layout. The first PDF proof included 3 1-sided concepts. Well, it just so happens that this particular client happens to be a friend of mine from my BNI networking group, where we also have a fabulous designer as a member. The designer suggested putting a Microsoft Tag on the card to link to my client's YouTube video page. What an awesome idea that is perfect for this type of business! In the end, we all agreed that the all-black front had the most impact of the designs, and the "snap shots" of the videos along with the Microsoft Tag and instructions was the perfect thing for the back of the card.


The client just received them this past Wednesday and he LOVED them. I can't wait to hear what people say as he hands them out!


Ugh...I should have thought of the QR code! But I guess everything happens for a reason, right? By talking with the other designer, he taught us about Microsoft Tags (Microsoft's cooler, more flexible, and more stable version of a QR code). Very cool stuff and my client gets to have a great looking cards AND be a forerunner by using this new "augmented reality" technology! (The combination of a QR code - or Microsoft Tag - and print is called "augmented reality" because it combines the in-person experience of reading a magazine or a piece of mail, or looking at a billboard or store window, with transporting you digitally to a URL with more information, or a game, or a way to order product, or donate to a cause, or ???? The possibilities are limitless.)

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