Featured Project: Pop-Up Brochure, Digital Printing and Specialty Die-Cutting


Pop-Up brochure for a local designer.
Pop-Up Brochure, Digital Printing and
Specialty Die-Cutting


Print, create custom die, die-cut, fold and glue in 3 days for a trade show that weekend... a little speedier than we would normally like for this kind of piece.


Art came to us print-ready this time, with a few back-and-forth mock-ups to make sure it would the best it could be for the pop-up. This was actually a fairly simple job to print - just had to make absolutely sure the sheet-to-sheet registration was perfect and have very good communication with the die-maker.


Went off without a hitch - except for the few additional gray hairs on Kathy's head!


This is a perfect example of how a thoughtful design can help elevate a companies message above the noise of the mass amounts of marketing messages we are all receiving these days. I don't know anything about the table company this is for, but because of this piece, I would assume they do good, custom work and care about their image -- and that's the point of a great design, to communicate a feeling to the audience, using more than just words and pictures. We have tons of live samples in our conference room - including this one - if you want to check some great design that uses all sorts of techniques.

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