How to create obituary booklets yourself?

Few experiences in life can truly match the impact of losing a loved one. One of the last things that may be on your mind following such a loss is preparing an obituary booklet for a memorial service, but while doing so may be painful, it also allows you to share the brighter parts of your loved one’s life with others who may not have known him or her as well. We hope that this short guide on creating an obituary booklet may help alleviate some of the extra burden you’re experiencing at this time.

A booklet will normally include a few standard elements: for the front, the name of the departed, a preferred photograph, dates of birth and death; inside, an obituary, any other items you would like to write conveying your thoughts and feelings about them, and if used in a memorial service you will want a schedule and perhaps directions if the burial is taking place elsewhere. You can create the contents yourself from scratch using word processor software or ask us to create one, custom layout price starts from just $25.

A booklet can typically be just four pages, two on each side of a single sheet of paper.

If you’d like to add more details, information or other tidbits about the departed or any services taking place, you can make it eight pages (two sheets of paper, saddle stitched together in the middle). Highlight Printing offers plenty of printing options for these booklets, including different types and colors of paper, to best suit your choices.

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