How to Get Custom Pocket Folders That Makes Your Brand Unforgettable

In the current age of digital communication and e-commerce, the concept of pocket folders may seem antiquated and not particularly important. However, the personal touch and level of effort to include pocket folders in your business can continue to impress clients and make your brand unforgettable.

Pocket folders are best suited to businesses and environments where you want to leave a physical impression on those around you. Real estate agents, property managers and professional contractors are some examples of these industries: enterprises where both the container and its contents can go home with the client, allowing them to not only keep your papers and pamphlets handy but the folder itself providing both branding and pertinent information.

To this end, you’ll want to maximize the use of the folder’s surface, preferably with a strong and telling cover graphic, as well as important contact and business information. Keep the front imagery clean, as you don’t want to overwhelm the user’s visual experience, but what you do include should be a powerful, bold statement about who you are what your business represents. Foil and embossed options are also available to help your folders stand out above the rest.

Current folder types extend far beyond the traditional paper folder design of the past: there are a wide variety of different shapes and intricate folding designs that can suit the particular style and impressions that a business wants to convey. Highlight offers multiple customizable options via their website or via representative over the phone.

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