Label and Sticker Printing: What You Need to Know

While it may seem like a simple task to print labels and stickers, upon further thought you may find yourself wondering exactly how to go about this. And are there guidelines you’ll want to adhere to when doing so? This is primarily dependent on what your needs may be, and what resources are available to you.

As a starting point, you’ll want to consider the scale of your needs and what you’ll be using the labels and stickers for. For example, if you’re creating labels for large-scale line of products, you’ll want a professional company with the experience and means to handle the workload. On the other hand, if you’ve got a limited budget and a very small-scale operation, you may consider self-printing. However, there may be potential quality differences based on the abilities of your printer and the materials you acquire versus what a company may have in stock.

When creating the contents of the label or sticker, remember as with any print job to strictly follow the printing margins to make sure none of your information or graphic is cut off. Also, create your label within the boundaries of what the printer you have available can handle in regard to color, resolution and quality. If you are using a professional service to handle your printing needs, use a four-color offset printing process for the highest quality in your labels. And don’t forget to consider the environment your labels will be in if affixed to a product that will be refrigerated or exposed to outdoor weather conditions; choose a paper type that suits your product’s needs best, so your stickers will stay stuck while looking fantastic!

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