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Working in the agricultural sector has been among the nation’s most dangerous jobs for centuries. Large machinery, animals, and an extensive array of chemicals have injured workers in myriad ways. Unfortunately, no matter how big a U.S. farm is, many injuries, even fatal ones, occur every year.


Injured in a Farming Accident?

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, agriculture is a high-risk activity and one of the most dangerous professions, resulting in numerous severe injuries and deaths. Recent statistics show that more than 400 farmers and farmworkers are killed yearly due to farm work-related injuries, at 19.2 deaths per 100,000 farmers.

In 2016, the agriculture industry employed 1.8 million full-time workers and more than 5 million combined workers. Unfortunately, that year, 476 agricultural workers lost their lives due to workplace-related accidents. In addition, more than 240 farmers and farmworkers were injured daily, and 5% of those injuries led to permanent disability.

Over a million children younger than 20 live on farms, and more than half are employed in agriculture. In 2009, about 230,000 teenagers worked on farms owned and operated by others. Unfortunately, on average, 113 children younger than 20 die working on farms.

In 2015, there were 16,100 injuries involving children and teens at farms, with 3,400 related to work-related accidents. Older crop workers are at higher risk for death from workplace accidents. The Census of Fatal Workplace Injuries shows that over 50% of the deaths related to agricultural labor were victims of workers over 55 from 1992 to 2004. Tractor rolls continue to be a significant cause of death, accounting for 90 deaths per year on farms.

Many of them could be prevented by following warning labels, exercising additional caution, and using protective structures to prevent rollovers. However, in 2010, only 59% of tractor vehicles were equipped with such devices.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the number of injuries among farmworkers was 20% higher than in other workplace accidents in 2010 (4.8% of each 100, compared to 3.8% among workers in all other industries). Tractor accidents continue to be a leading cause of severe injuries and deaths. Some tractor accidents may result from inadequate training or faulty safety equipment.

It is the farm owner’s responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, as is the case with every other employer. However, many of these injuries happen to the farm owners and their families through no fault. Malfunctioning or faulty farm equipment and machinery put farmworkers and families who own farms at risk of severe injuries sustained on the job. In addition, some chemicals and pesticides can be inherently dangerous if adequate warnings are not included on the packaging or if farmworkers fail to use proper safety measures.

Unfortunately, in these types of accidents, it is usually the manufacturers of agricultural equipment and products that are to blame for the agricultural accidents that cause injuries to many farm workers. Our office is aggressively pursuing cases related to pesticide exposure, including Alzheimer’s disease due to exposure to Paraquat and non-Hodgkin lymphoma due to Roundup exposure. Seek medical treatment for any injuries immediately. Any third-party claims may be invalidated if injured workers fail to seek medical treatment promptly or fail to do so.

Report your accident as early as you are able. Write down details surrounding the accident. Record any witnesses, co-workers, or independent contractors, as well as all instructions, are given by the supervisor.

It is a dangerous industry where agricultural workers should try to take safety precautions while operating hazardous farm machinery to avoid injuries in agricultural accidents. Farm owners must also provide their workers with the appropriate safety equipment and training.

The Law May Limit the Time You Have to File a Farming Accident Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from a farming accident must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the injured person or their family’s legal claims are barred, and their right to bring suit is lost for all time.

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