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FedEx truck accident information, resources, and legal advice.

FedEx has experienced its fair share of delivery truck accidents as the second-largest courier delivery service provider in the United States, with millions of kilometers driven. In addition, FedEx Ground operates a sizable fleet of commercial trucks, vans, compact automobiles, and airplanes to ship packages nationwide and around the globe.

Accidents involving FedEx delivery trucks often result in fatalities and severe injuries. And when they do, the delivery truck driver, you, or a member of your family who is hurt may suffer catastrophic damage.

FedEx delivery truck safety records that can’t be trusted.

Similar to DHL, FedEx claims to have a spotless safety record. However, FedEx has also been charged with avoiding responsibility by arguing that independent contractors are not its workers, identical to how DHL has been.
Therefore, its safety record doesn’t account for significant mishaps brought on by employees they hire for its stockholders and the American government.

How FedEx Avoids Paying for Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks

Additionally, when they deliver products and cause an accident, they employ the same insurance companies, insurance defense specialists, and defense lawyers to avoid paying compensation to accident victims. While minimizing or avoiding payments to cover your severe injury or wrongful death compensation payments, their purpose is to maximize profits.

They also make a solid effort to treat many FedEx delivery truck drivers as independent contractors to avoid submitting worker’s compensation claims or paying premiums to an insurance provider for this coverage.

If you or a loved one was wounded in a FedEx accident, you should see a skilled FedEx truck accident lawyer. Even if you drive a FedEx truck, these situations are difficult to navigate. Additionally, FedEx will take action to thwart your claims and avoid providing the financial compensation you are due, as do all significant commercial corporations.

Only a highly qualified attorney, like our network’s FedEx truck accident attorneys, can give you the skilled, compassionate support you need to obtain total and just compensation. We seek payment for your economic losses, including missed paychecks, lost income, medical costs, and property damage. We’ll work tirelessly to get pain and suffering damages in cases involving FedEx drivers and people struck by FedEx drivers.

Typical Reasons for FedEx-Car Accidents

• breaking the law on the road (Truck drivers speeding, blowing a red light, etc.)
• a careless automobile maker (bad brakes, tires, etc.)
• a negligent driver (delivery drivers often look at a GPS, Text their boss, do online shopping, etc.)
• driver mistake (Driving carelessly or recklessly.)
• drowsiness brought on by too much continuous driving
• driving while intoxicated or stoned while operating a tractor-trailer

Of course, your particular case will differ depending on the type of injuries you have. After a FedEx truck accident, there are several things to figure out. You must first establish negligence if you want FedEx to be held liable. It would be stupid not to get a personal injury attorney in collisions like this to advance your claim.

We represent FedEx vehicles and all delivery companies in the United States as victims like you. Therefore, we will handle the legal action against FedEx, its affiliate businesses, and other drivers from beginning to end.

How FedEx Avoids Responsibility for Accidents involving Delivery Trucks

Usually, after reading the police record, the insurance adjuster knows who is at fault, whether you are rear-ended or involved in a passenger car collision. The individual who caused the car accident frequently admits guilt at the collision scene. As a result, they will nearly always pay the claim without getting into a legal dispute over who was at fault for what.

FedEx insurance plans are worth millions of dollars, but delivery truck accidents frequently cause fatalities and serious injuries. Because these are such large, heavy vehicles, any accident with a smaller one almost invariably results in significant property damage and passenger injuries. A Fortune 500 company, FedEx. The jurors may believe FedEx can pay more since they know this.

This is why large organizations like FedEx nearly always attempt to categorize their drivers and small-business contractors. Their objective is to persuade the jury that there isn’t much money to pay unless the independent contractor goes bankrupt.

What Other Ways Does FedEx Try to Avoid Being Responsible for a Truck Accident?

In a case involving a truck accident, FedEx can be cunning and skilled in perplexing judges and jurors. As the plaintiff’s attorney, you must be ready for anything they try to use against you to hide the truck driver’s genuine status and driving history. Once you employ us, typically straight after your free consultation, our legal team gets to work.

Basic Information Gathering?

We’ll take steps to get driver training, inspection, and maintenance records, black box data, service records, and minutes from tailgate safety meetings. We will go above and beyond to find the proof required to hold FedEx accountable for the accident.

When it comes to winning, experience is crucial.

A general practitioner won’t be able to navigate the maze of legal concerns and defenses that may emerge. But FedEx truck accident attorneys have dealt with severe injuries like these for years.

We are driven, knowledgeable, have years of experience, and are equipped to prevail in any FedEx accident case.

Your FedEx truck accident case can also be won by us.

What happens if FedEx is sued?

The next stage is to file a lawsuit after your medical evaluation and treatment are finished, and the at-fault firm still won’t pay. When FedEx accident victims in smaller vehicles learn that FedEx won’t accept responsibility for causing a truck accident, they frequently feel crushed. However, they act consistently with the broader commercial trucking industrial complex. They intend to get a seven-figure policy to protect their delivery vehicles up to that amount.

Then, if you ask for extra money, they claim the driver is to blame. But, unfortunately, a wrongful death case is worth more than a party seven figures in most accidents. Because of this, you must consult a FedEx truck accident attorney before accepting a meager settlement offer from their insurance company.

An experienced lawyer knows how to get under their defenses and prevail. We will handle the paperwork and legal aspects of insurance payout talks on your behalf. If there are government defendants, we will make sure the deadline for filing claims against them is met, and if we cannot settle your damages quickly, we will make sure the deadline for filing claims against them and starting a lawsuit is met. The business will be accountable to us.

Cases of Catastrophic Injury That We Handle Frequently

spinal cord damage
long-lasting scars
brain damage
burn wounds

Don’t forget that we can also assist the victim if a third-party accident occurred while the FedEx driver was on duty, and it wasn’t their fault. We also deal with disputes with other delivery services. Liability insurance is only sometimes sufficient to cover everything. Due to this, one of our legal services entails looking into claims made by accident victims who were left holding the bag following a tractor-trailer crash against a negligent manufacturer.

The Law May Limit the Time You Have to File a FedEx Accident Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from a FedEx Accident claim must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the injured person or their family’s legal claims are barred, and their right to bring suit is lost for all time.

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