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Although it may seem uncommon, forklift accidents frequently happen since they are essential to many construction projects. Moreover, these occurrences are relatively frequent; in the U.S., there were 614 forklift-related fatalities and more than 60,000 forklift-related injuries from 2011 to 2017. There are more than 8,500 injuries and more than 1.6 fatalities each year.

Forklifts are extraordinarily potent machinery. Because of this, even workers who weren’t killed in forklift accidents needed (on average, 13 days off from work in 2017) time to recover. On average, it took 20 days for pedestrians. These figures are much higher than the typical eight-day absence for workplace accidents.

Forklift accidents can result in serious injuries. You might be entitled to substantial monetary compensation if you operated the forklift at the time of your injury. Read on to find out how our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can assist.

Forklift Accident Factors

Because of their enormous size and weight, forklifts pose unique risks to the operators, other site workers, and any nearby pedestrians or drivers. Forklift accidents frequently occur for the following reasons:

• Lack of operator training; defective or poorly maintained equipment; absence of hazard signs or markings; excessive speed; improper turns; unstable and raised load; dangerously organized workspace.

Forklift Accident Types

The following categories encompass the majority of forklift accidents:

• Motorized vehicle accidents involving non-roadways
• Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians
• Caught in, squashed, or crushed by forklift; struck by powered non-transport vehicle; struck by falling object or apparatus; fallen from forklift (often after a forklift has overturned)

Injury From Forklift Accidents

As previously mentioned, forklift-related injuries sometimes render a person incapacitated for 2-4 weeks (or more). Some of the most frequent wounds that develop in these situations are as follows:

• Internal bleeding; Death; Proving Negligence; Broken bones; Ligament damage; Neck and spinal cord injuries; Head injury/concussion; Internal bleeding;

You might wonder how to proceed if you were hurt in a forklift accident and think the forklift’s operator, manufacturer, or another party was to blame. The legal phrase for accountability or responsibility in an accident is “negligence.” To establish liability, one must often meet the following requirements:

• You owed the other party a duty of care. They were in charge of safely running the equipment (the forklift or another vehicle), but they didn’t do it.
• They went against their obligation. The other party failed to uphold its legal duty to protect you.
Their breach brought on the mishap. Since the other party’s activities caused the accident, they are now legally liable.
• As a result, losses were incurred. The other party’s acts brought on your physical or emotional harm and any property damage.
Potential harm

If a forklift accident caused injuries to you or a loved one, you might be entitled to financial compensation for the following:

• Wages lost and reduced earning ability; • Past, present, and future medical costs; • Suffering; • Physical treatment; • Loss of pleasure of life; • Funeral costs

Consult a forklift accident attorney

Call (888) 907-MORE to speak with a personal injury attorney in our network if you were hurt in a forklift accident. To establish who was responsible for your injuries and assist you in obtaining financial compensation during this trying time, our highly qualified attorneys can evaluate the facts of your case. As a result, millions have been recovered for our clients.

The best part is that we only get paid if you win, and there is no upfront fee. Schedule a free case evaluation right away to discover more.

The Law May Limit the Time You Have to File a Forklift Injury Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from a forklift injury or wrongful death must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the injured person or their family’s legal claims are barred, and their right to bring suit is lost for all time.

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