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Injured By a Negligent Driver While Riding Your Motorcycle?

You may be entitled to significant compensation.

Our motorcycle crash lawyers fight for injured riders, just like you, to obtain the compensation you and your family deserve. We know what you are going through, having been there and represented thousands of riders just like you. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are not on your side. Without representation, there is no guarantee you will get fair compensation for your injuries. Motorcycle accidents are known for causing some of the most life-altering injuries, so you deserve to have someone on your side.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers will fight with the insurance companies on your behalf so that you can focus on healing and recovering. We will help you receive the compensation you deserve with no upfront costs. Insurance companies are making huge profits off of refusing to pay you claims. Unfortunately, they are NOT on your side.

At Get Paid More, our motorcycle injury lawyers members have been fighting the insurance companies on behalf of our fellow riders since 2001. Our skilled and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyers across the U.S. have helped hundreds of injured riders get the compensation they deserve. Our attorneys represent clients nationwide on a contingency fee basis, meaning they charge no upfront fees and require payment only if they win money on your behalf.

Here’s the brutal truth: On the worst day of your life, many people and organizations will be working to earn a profit instead of thinking about what’s best for you. But, with skilled, proven, aggressive motorcycle lawyers fighting on your behalf, you will be the one losing in this battle. Since 2001, our lawyers have been fighting for the rights of injured riders and their families.

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Why Should I Contact A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Injured riders can have difficulty recovering compensation after an accident, mainly if they make their claims without a lawyer’s assistance. Because personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is required only in vehicles with four or more wheels in some states, riders cannot carry PIP insurance. Even if the motorcyclist has a car covered with PIP coverage, that coverage does not cover accidents that happen on a motorcycle. If a motorcyclist is not covered, they might have trouble paying expensive medical bills, mainly if injuries keep them from working.    

Our attorneys can explain your choices if you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident and need compensation for medical expenses and other losses, which may be made worse by medical malpractice. In addition, if you contact an attorney soon after an accident, they can start gathering information and evidence to support your compensation claim.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If a motorcycle driver is not at fault, they can pursue damages against a party who was negligent in causing the crash. Riders can’t take advantage of PIP insurance but are also not constrained by its exclusions. Injured riders have no limit on how much money they can pursue to recover compensation for their losses, including payment for their suffering and agony. Automobile accidents are subject to PIP insurance — requiring that an injured person meet a “tolerance of impairment” before being eligible to pursue damages against a negligent party — and they are not allowed to recover damages for pain and suffering.

Motorcyclists do not need to meet the injury threshold to pursue damages, such as hospital bills, unpaid earnings, and emotional distress. Insurance negotiations After a crash, your lawyer can reach out to the injured person’s insurance company to negotiate a settlement of costs incurred. They will use the information collected to pursue reimbursement of your expenses. If negotiations with insurers are not successful or satisfactory, you can seek a lawsuit against the negligent party, assisted by an attorney. 

Negligence Motorcycle accident claims fall into the category of personal injuries, which are themselves based on negligence theories. In other words, your lawyer must show that another driver at fault for an accident was negligent in not exercising a reasonable standard of care. To do this, your lawyer will investigate more about the incident, including whether or not the other driver followed the traffic laws, paid attention to their surroundings, was driving while drunk, and more.

Product Liability In some cases, defects in your or the other person’s vehicle may have caused the crash. In those cases, you can sue the car manufacturer or the parts used to make it to obtain compensation for your injuries. In these circumstances, the lawyer would investigate to examine the car and determine whether there were defects before your accident. They will work with forensic experts to determine if: 

• The motorcycle’s defective parts or parts were “unreasonably dangerous.” 

• The motorcycle was being operated as intended

•The bike’s performance has not changed since the original purchase. Some examples of defects one might bring product liability claims are faulty tires, brakes, accelerators, and defective fuel systems.    

If you lost someone you loved to a motorcycle accident, you might have a right to seek compensation by filing a wrongful death suit. An attorney can assist the deceased’s family in proving that another driver’s negligence was responsible for the victim’s death. In addition, in negotiations or court proceedings against an insurance company or negligent party, attorneys at our firm can assist in recovering the following: Past and future medical expenses: Victims may seek reimbursement for emergency visits, hospitalization, surgeries, and more.  

Lost Wages: Victims of motorcycle accidents may seek compensation for wages they would have earned if the crash had not occurred. Victims can claim prizes for the period they had to miss work to recover. Pain and suffering: Because riders cannot receive PIP insurance, they may be able to sue to seek compensation for the amount of pain and suffering resulting from their crash.

Factors such as the type of injuries and the length and intensity of their anguish are factors when determining compensation amounts.

Mental anguish: Victims and families can also receive compensation for their emotional distress after an accident. Emotional distress includes fear, embarrassment, nervousness, anxiety, and sadness.

Loss of Consortium: A surviving spouse can seek damages for loss of services, care, aid, companionship, and the affections of their loved one if the motorcycle crash caused a wrongful death. Surviving parents may be awarded compensation for losing their minor children’s love, respect, and companionship in their wrongful death. Similarly, due to their wrongful death, little children may be awarded compensation for their parents’ loss of services, care, aid, company, and companionship.

Motorcycle accidents may happen for many reasons, including:

• The driver’s negligence.
• Swerving in front of the rider.
• Cutting the rider off at intersections.
• Disregarding posted speed limits. 
• Failing to yield when necessary.
• Failing to leave enough space between vehicles
• Failing to see a rider changing lanes or entering the road
• Improperly observing other drivers 
• Driving under the influence.

Failing to yield and failing to recognize riders in traffic are some of the biggest reasons motor vehicle accidents occur. These crashes can also result from motorists failing to use appropriate caution while making a left-hand turn at intersections. In addition, motorcyclists are less protected against the elements and other vehicles; thus, injuries sustained in a crash may be severe and life-threatening and can include:

• Bone fractures
• Severe head injury
• Spinal cord injuries
• Neck injuries
• Brain damage
• Disfigurement
• Loss of limbs
• Paralysis
• Death

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident or have lost a loved one in an accident involving a motorcycle, you may be eligible for compensation.

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The Law May Limit The Time You Have To File a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from a motorcycle accident or an injury must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the motorcycle riders’ legal claims are barred, and their right to bring suit is lost for all time.

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