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Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?

You may be entitled to significant compensation.

You will not fall just because there is no apparent reason. You had a slip-and-fall accident, and it wasn’t because you were awkward or didn’t pay attention. Alternatively, your accident could have been spurred on by a negligent property owner who was well aware of the problem but decided not to address it, thus leaving you wounded, out of employment, and with escalating medical debt. Whether it was a leak that wasn’t addressed on the floor, faulty guardrails or steps, a snag of some kind, or any other factor the property owner knew about and didn’t address, you were left dealing with a myriad of problems, none of which were your fault. That is Something you must not tolerate.    

You can bring a Slip and Fall suit against a property owner whose negligence negatively affected your life. Our knowledgeable attorneys, who have won multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts for injured clients, are here to help. These cases can be complicated. They require a knowledgeable Slip and Fall Lawyer who knows what to ask and what to look for in the case, among other things, and one prepared to take your case to trial, should that prove necessary.

Suppose that you just had a slip-and-fall accident. Maybe it was a dank, slippery spill on the grocery store floor, a non-noticeable broken step on the stairs. Something was never corrected, or another issue that led to your injury through no fault of your own. However, those early moments after the incident are critical.

If necessary, you should get medical help before doing anything else. If you can, you should also take pictures of the conditions that caused your injuries, as it may prove helpful later.

Slip & Fall Lawyers

Considering you may wind up with medical bills and other losses from your accident, you may want to think about filing a lawsuit. This is where it is crucial to get in touch with an attorney ASAP. Here’s why: In general, lawyers know what to look for; our lawyers have been ready for situations like this for decades. They can interview witnesses before they forget critical details; collect crucial evidence before it is lost to time; photograph your injuries; obtain your medical records; and, if your accident happened at a public venue, obtain a copy of the incident report.

Gathering evidence is just one aspect of building a case, however. As we outline below, there are other things lawyers will look at in an effort to make a case.

How Do You Prove Your Slip and Fall Accident Was The Effect Of Property Owner Negligence?

Of course, you know that this was not your fault, but how will you and your lawyer be able to prove it in your legal claim? It comes down to whether or not a “dangerous condition” existed on a property, which a property owner ought to have known about, and which a “reasonable property owner” would have found out and fixed before someone was injured.

A dangerous condition has to pose an unreasonable risk of harm to people on the property, and it has to be one that the reasonable person did not anticipate–in other words, it is not a clear, avoidable danger. So, for example, a slippery spill on a supermarket floor that store management did not fix would be dangerous. After all, you don’t walk into a store expecting a clear danger, such as an unattended spill.

Another example might be broken stairs at the cinema. When you go down the stairs to get to your seats, you expect these stairs to work the way they are supposed to. 

But what if you, because the property owners neglected to address the issue? That is a dangerous situation.

In addition to unsafe conditions going neglected, slip and fall cases require proof that a property owner did not act like a reasonable property owner. A good property owner would have had a plan to effectively and fully remedy all dangerous conditions to prevent anyone from getting injured. A negligent property owner, however, fails to do this and can potentially create conditions in which people are injured, leaving them burdened with medical bills, lost wages, and disrupted lives. With all this in mind, your lawyer and his or her team will try to answer these questions when investigating your slip & fall lawsuit:- Did the dangerous area last long enough for the property owner to know about it?–Was there enough time for the dangerous place to have been known about by property owners?–Was it clear the area was unsafe?

Did the property owner violate any laws? In some cases, your lawyer may be able to prove negligence by using your injuries as evidence that a property owner did not comply with local building codes. For instance, local building codes may define where guardrails and other safety features should be installed. If you fell due to the absence of proper railing, you might be eligible to file a lawsuit.

Can You Sue Your Landlord Over a Slip and Fall Accident?

What happens if you slip & fall on the property of an apartment and are injured as a result? It might not be evident if you have a case against the landlord. It depends on the laws of the state where you live.

Generally, a landlord is responsible for maintaining all of a property’s common areas in reasonably safe conditions. However, as with other property owners, if the landlord knows there is a hazardous condition or ought to know but does not take action to remedy the situation, the landlord may be responsible for paying damages to an injured party.

Proving this depends on the circumstances of each case. To determine it, courts will consider factors like how long an unsafe condition has existed and how serious the danger is. For example, a landlord may be held responsible for a slip-and-fall within the tenant’s unit in some circumstances.

When a new tenant moves in, a landlord must advise the tenant about any known defects in the premises. Failing to notify a tenant of defects the tenant would have been unable to detect through a reasonable inspection of the premises may result in liability for the landlord should there be a slip-and-fall incident. In addition, the landlord may be held liable for a slip and fall occurring in the tenant’s unit if a building code or ordinance is violated. As always, this depends on the specifics of the case and the applicable local laws. 

Airbnb insurance: Who is liable if you are injured?

Airbnb is a popular alternative to traditional hotels and other standard lodging options for travelers worldwide. Staying at homes and other properties listed on the service is usually cheaper than hotels or resorts. Still, most importantly, the service gives families a chance to understand what it’s like to reside somewhere new.

Whether you are staying in someone’s actual home or in a room or property they are using exclusively for the service, such as Airbnb, you are getting a different experience from more traditional methods. That is the whole idea, at any rate. But other immersive ways of spending a holiday raise some critical questions; specifically, what happens if you or a family member are injured on another’s property

Whose insurance covers you for slip-and-fall accidents? Do you hope your hosts’ homeowners’ or renters’ insurance covers business activities? Additionally, do you trust them even to have proper insurance?

It turns out Airbnb, in particular, has some pretty solid insurance protections for guests. Airbnb is known to offer hosts host protection insurance, a basic insurance policy for hosts while the guests are staying, and it has $1 million of coverage for each stay. So if you were injured at the hosts’ property, you would probably seek reimbursement from Airbnb insurers — at least at first. Airbnbs million-dollar insurance policy applies per occurrence for incidents that result in personal injuries or property damage, according to Airbnb materials on its website.   

For instance, if you are staying in an Airbnb-listed property and slip on the carpet and hurt yourself, you could file a claim under Airbnb insurance. So, too, if your kid trips on the stairs. Likewise, if you stay at a condo listed on Airbnb and get injured at the building’s gym, the company says, the Airbnb insurance will supposedly cover it, too. However, Airbnb insurance does not cover product liability, asbestos, or Chinese drywall claims, and it has some other restrictions, according to the company.

If you suffered an injury while staying in another home via Airbnb, contact our lawyers today for a free, no-risk case assessment. Our slip-and-fall lawyers may be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. 

How Much Can You Get From A Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

If you fell and were hurt, you might be eligible to sue for compensation to cover your hospital costs and other obligations. That means you are also likely wondering what your case will be worth. Many factors go into that, depending on the circumstances of your case. 

You can get more answers by completing our free, no-obligation case assessment form. Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases in various areas of practice, including auto accidents and medical negligence, and they can likely assist you in your Slip and Fall lawsuit. But, as always, you will never pay unless we win your case.

Speak to a slip and fall accident attorney about your case by calling (888) 491-0444 or completing the free case evaluation form on this website.

The Law May Limit The Time You Have To File a Slip & Fall Claim

Under the legal rule known as “the statute of limitations,” any claim stemming from a slip and fall accident or an injury must be filed within a specific period of time, otherwise, the injured person’s legal claims are barred, and their right to bring suit is lost for all time.

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